Simultaneous Interpreting

This is often used at conferences and other longer meetings.

Consecutive interpreting

This procedure is best suited to business meetings, commercial negotiations and consultations involving smaller numbers of people.

Whispered Interpretation

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting, but for smaller groups of listeners (two or three people).


Written Translation
These include various types of text, from general texts (such as business correspondence) to specialist, technical (eg. user manuals),
legal (contracts, tender documentation), commercial, economic, marketing texts and many more,
such as websites.


Work with us
We work with:

translators and interpreters, sound specialists and conference organizers


About the company

I set up finQen in 2008 with extensive qualifications: a solid education in languages, a five-year stay in Finland and years of experience in translation and project management. 

finQen is the next stage in my journey in the world of translation. In this world, I am an eager and seasoned traveller, knowledgeable about the market and customer needs.

I work with a team of professionals with years of experience in a range of specialized translation tasks. Together we endeavour to provide our customers with a high quality of service, at a reasonable cost – the basis of a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship.

Translations from Finnish and English have a great deal in common. English stands besides Finland’s official languages, Finnish and Swedish, as a third language -- unofficial but necessary. Those who use both Finnish and English may look forward to success in the Finnish market.

We provide translations in the following languages:

- English
- German
- Finnish
- Polish

We offer:

written translation
translation in a wide range of fields, including business, law, the exact sciences and technology

consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation.

As well as the following further services:
- support in organizing multicultural meetings,
- lectures and conferences
- preparation of speakers and instructors to work with foreign-language audiences

I strive to know my customers and their goals. As a reliable business partner, I seek to help in overcoming language barriers and building the mutual understanding that is essential in today’s globalized world.

We invite you to learn more by consulting finQen’s service offer.



Our interpreting experience includes.


Written translation:
Our experience in written translation includes:


Interpreter at work
Pictures of selected interpretation assignments.



We invite You to work with us

We are now seeking interpreters and translators of written texts in the following languages:

Finnish, Estonian, French.

We invite those …

Sound specialist

Requirements:This position requires experience in this field, as well as professional audio-visual equipment, interpreting booths, a sound system and …


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