Simultaneous Interpreting
This is often used at conferences and other longer meetings, allowing conference attendees to understand speakers in real time.

This interpreting takes place in soundproof booths, with a team of at least two interpreters. Each interpreter, using headphones to hear what is being said in the meeting room, provides a translation of the speaker’s words almost instantaneously. Those taking part in the meeting then hear this translation through headphones of their own.

Consecutive interpreting
This procedure is best suited to business meetings, commercial negotiations and consultations involving smaller numbers of people. It ensures that an understanding can be quickly and effectively reached in these exchanges. The interpreter, capturing the essence of what each speaker says, provides a translation in the shortest time possible.

Consecutive interpreting takes place directly following each speaker’s contribution.

Whispered Interpretation
This is a form of simultaneous interpreting, but for smaller groups of listeners (two or three people). The interpreter, stationed between the participants in the meeting, continually translates for them what is being said, in a soft voice.

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