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I am glad to hear from translators who wish to work from us: both those with experience, and those who are taking their first steps in the field. I work with interpreters and translators of written texts, both in Poland and abroad. As one who believes that business succeeds when it benefits all parties, my strategy is: “Win-Win”. Only this will assure our company’s long-term development and growth. Respecting the translators who work with me, I feel it is important to support them in their efforts, and to compensate them fairly. Therefore I guarantee punctual payment and satisfaction in our cooperation.

Sound specialists

I am on the lookout for skilled sound specialists with conference experience, such that interpreting is comfortable for both our customers and interpreters. I am interested in working with such individuals in arranging both small meetings, involving several people, as well as for larger conferences. In the first case it is necessary to have professional audio-visual equipment; the second requires interpretation booths, an amplifying system and a set of headphones for the audience.

Conference Organizers

We offer conference organizers the opportunity to work with a team of experienced interpreters. Their high-quality translation will keep all attendees in the picture, so that they truly feel part of your event, without the agitation or even awareness that several languages are in use.

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